/Film Study: Warriors defense falls flat in Game 3

Film Study: Warriors defense falls flat in Game 3


Looks like bad ‘ice’

In the half court, pick-and-roll defense was a consistent issue for the Warriors.

Midway through the first quarter, with Marc Gasol setting a screen for Leonard, Bogut called for an “ice” coverage — one where the ball-handler’s defender (Green) put himself between the ball and the screener to prevent his man from getting to the middle of the floor.

                             Green ices the screen

But Bogut’s own positioning left too much space for Leonard to make a pocket-pass to Gasol, who slipped to the rim for a dunk.

                            Gasol slips to the rim

Credit Leonard for making that read, but the Warriors made it to easy on him. On a pair of Leonard/Gasol pick-and-rolls in the second quarter, Bogut positioned himself higher…

                            Bogut hedges hard

On the first of those, Leonard was forced into a slower, tougher pass…

                            Bogut hedges hard

Two possessions later, Leonard tried to split the defenders and turned the ball over.

But the Warriors had other issues in the pick-and-roll, specifically with screener’s ability to contain the ball. Late in the first quarter, Leonard blew by Jordan Bell for a dunk …


Kawhi Leonard blows by Jordan Bell for a first-quater jam.

Early in the second period, Serge Ibaka approached Shawn Livingston to set a side screen for Kyle Lowry. Livingston iced the pick and called for DeMarcus Cousins to cut off Lowry …

                            Livingston ices the screen

But Cousins was far out of position and unable to stop the ball. Lowry’s drive drew help from Iguodala out of the opposite corner, Quinn Cook wasn’t able to guard both weak-side shooters, and Fred VanVleet drained another open corner 3-pointer …

                            Lowry finds VanVleet in the corner

“Our pick-and-roll coverage needs to be cleaner,” Warriors assistant coach Jarron Collins said on Thursday. “There were definitely some things on the tape to clean up.”